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Don't Let the AP®  Government Exams Get You Down. The Founder of Worldwide Scholar™ is a Longtime Government and Politics Teacher and the Author an AP®  U.S. Government and Politics and AP® Comparative Government and Politics Study Guides. He Has Over Ten Years' Experience Helping Students Outside the United States Prepare for the AP Government Exams. ​Read What His Former Students Have to Say About His Courses, Diagnostic Tests and Study Guides.

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Test Scores Are Crucial

Like It or Not, Standardized Tests Are a Key Component of the Application Process to Elite Undergraduate Programs Around the World. Later in 2017, Worldwide Scholar™ Will Add Expert Test Prep Services to Our Already Outstanding Admissions Consulting Services, Allowing Worldwide Scholar™ to Even Better Serve the Needs of International Undergraduate Applicants. 


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​Worldwide Scholar

Our Online Government and Politics Courses Are Designed to Fully Prepare Students for the AP® Government and Politics Exams, but Also Do Much More. Our Discussion Based Approach to Teaching Government and Politics and Our Use of the Writings of Some of the Greatest Political Theorists in That Process Helps Ensure That Our Students Not Only Do Exceptionally Well on the AP® Exams but Also Develop a Deep Understanding of the Subject and Improve Their Critical Thinking Skills as Well.